Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONM) Procedures


Physiologic Assessment Services (PAS) has been providing intraoperative monitoring services for neurosurgery procedures in the New York/New Jersey region for over 25 years. Our strong relationships with hundreds of surgeons at approximately 50 hospitals attest to our ability to provide the very best in IONM services.


Hospitals know that our experience in intraoperative monitoring allows for easy transitions within neurosurgery procedures and other surgical environments. Our professional staff members are required to complete a PAS fellowship in IONM and will provide independent clinical services only after they have passed all steps in training. During the training period, neurophysiologists are exposed to many different hospital operating room settings with varying degrees of surgical complexities. Our neurophysiologists are certified and fully credentialed. Candidates for employment at PAS traditionally hold advanced degrees. We are fully compliant with HIPAA and ID theft regulations and adhere to standard hospital policies and procedures. In addition, our professional staff is trained in proper operating room protocol/etiquette, including sterile technique.


Surgeons have an equal level of comfort with our experience, knowing that we have monitored over 75,000 neurosurgery procedures and other surgical cases over the past 30 years. IONM has become the standard of care for the protection of vital neurological structures that may be at risk during certain surgical procedures. Our neurophysiologists are highly trained and qualified to handle the most complex monitoring and surgical procedures. We use state-of-art equipment, and modalities employed are suited to the individual requirements of the surgeon and the site of the surgery. Given their high level of education and experience, our personnel in the operating room are prepared to make independent decisions and help guide surgeons through intricate procedures. PAS values continuing education so our personnel can keep current with the latest technologies and monitoring paradigms.

PAS has a collaborative relationship with medical doctors should the need arise for oversight by remote monitoring. Surgical cases are sometimes medically supervised by remote Internet access to suit the requirements of certain insurance carriers. The neurophysiologist in the operating room is best-suited to make critical decisions as a first-hand observer. The interplay between our personnel and the surgical team is vital for rapid responses.

Our relationships with hospital and surgeons are a key component to our success. We value professionalism, honesty, integrity and treating others in a manner befitting highly respected healthcare providers.

Standard of Care

IONM has evolved during the last two decades and has become medically recognized as a standard of care in neurosurgery procedures that place a patient’s neurological system at risk.

IOM uses various techniques to monitor the integrity of certain neural structures, helping reduce the risk of iatrogenic damage during neurosurgery procedures. IOM is also utilized in a growing number of orthopedic and cardio-neurovascular procedures.

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